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Our Mission

We believe in an era in which most work is done in an organizational framework, there can be no improved healthcare ouput without better management and organization functioning. Performance can be radically improved in terms of healthcare results, but while best management practices are known they are often not pursued.

At heart healthcare's problem is underperforming management, and less-than-best standards that were followed in the past. When management raises standards, people perform better, work is more focused, and outcomes improved. Our work with revitalized and renewed hospitals and health systems has shown that dramatic improvements in relatively short time frames are entirely doable, if leaders have the "eye of the tiger."

What We Do

Management House, Inc. is an award-winning healthcare consulting firm specializing in strategies, services and products used in the development of high performance organizations. We are particularly known for benchmark practices in hospital/health system management, and helping healthcare organizations develop competitive advantage via superior customer service, squeezing costs without squeezing people, designing high quality work processes, and optimizing an organization's intellectual capital. Stronger organizations and more effective leaders are the output of what we do.

NOTE: We have now consolidated our web presence at Please go there for full information on our change techniques, educational programs and keynotes by Dr. Clay Sherman.

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We're always glad to hear from you! We invite individual or group conference calls to discuss your leadership or organization situation. There are no professional fees for these visits which we consider essential to mission. Business hours: M-F, 9-4 Arizona time.

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